EUREKA Webinar: Community Building in Multi-Stakeholder Urban Environment

Urban development projects always question the best and most efficient way to address various stakeholders’ collaboration. Balancing conflicting interests has always been a key topic in urban development management. With this being said, community building as an interactive form of design and planning is an influential tool for that. Together with researchers, practitioners, and designers, we will explore the best ways to build a community and guide better future urban developments.

About the speakers: Servaz van Berkum (Moderator), Tjeerd Haccou (Architect & Co-founder of Space&Matter), Ellen van Bueren (Professor of Urban Development Management at TU Delft), Gert Joost Peek (Lecturer in Area Development and Transition Management at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) and Jonel Nugteren (Project manager of Asmtel III at Amsterdam Zuidoost)