EUREKA Webinar: Visual Data Storytelling

How can you communicate data in a simple and affordable way? How to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding as data is not always objective.

Visual Data Storytelling aims at designing informative experiences and reducing the gap between information (that we get to know through mediated sources) and experience (that we get to know through direct sources) working on how to trust on data and charts.

About the speaker: Alice Corona

Alice Corona is an adjunct professor at the Department of Statistical Sciences in the University of Bologna. She is also a freelance consultant in the field of data storytelling and data literacy trainings. Co-founder and project leader of Batjo, a Google-funded project investigating and democratizing the use of data physicalization.

Data activist for Inside Airbnb and OCIO, CNN Hong Kong, TalentData and ECIPA. And Alice is a lead data journalist and trainer with the Dutch Startup, operating in the field of semantic web for database publication and data visualization.