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Imagine Flavia Area, one of the communist neighborhoods in the south of Timișoara, through its 4 major diametrics: dusty 70’s block of flats, new trendy residential houses, a no- at-hand lake and a flea market attracting citizens of the town and its surroundings. Can we, along with the citizens of this community, find and define the identity of this place? Can we meet the needs of this space by trying to bring it back to date and fill it up with creative energy? 

Our students will be here in the next months, observing the reality, talking with people who live there, looking for potential developers and finally shooting the shot with giving this place a starting point for new ideas, creations and developments.


The main challenge that our students have identified when it comes to the Flavia Area is its lack of community spaces where local residents can meet and interact. There is not enough recreational space too and very few green spots around, which makes this area unattractive for living. When trying to understand better what residents would like to see in the neighbourhood, students met some resistance as many people were reluctant to speak and share their views. It will be something for our students to overcome and find a way to gather rough information to design  the best possible solution.


Andreea Iager Tako

Asociatia Casa Plai

Floriana Stefan

Municipiul Timisoara

Alexandru Dragan
Alexandra Potra​

Universitatea De Vest Din Timisoara


Denisa Abrudan
Gabriel Almajan 
Bettina-Evelin Basaraba-Varga 
Raluca Denisa Bulzan
Tania Crisan
Bianca Crisan
Vlad Cumpanas
Daniella Ghinea
Amelia Ile
Dan Ervin Ivanov
Ovidiu Marginean
Oana Oancea
Razvan Popescu
Mihaela Simon
Andreea Triponescu
Adelina Tuta

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