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EUREKA International Short School Bilbao

Last milestone of Urban Innovators Training Program: Bilbao International Short School!

Students and participants of EUREKA Urban Innovators Training Program will meet from October 23 to 27 to present the final projects they have been developing during the last academic year.

This is the final meeting of our innovative learning process, where 60 students from Amsterdam, Venice, Timisoara and Bilbao have been working on new solutions to real-life urban challenges, acquiring new skills and knowledge to become urban innovators.

During the Bilbao International Short School, the students’ teams will present the proposals and actions they have implemented during the EUREKA Urban Living Labs. Partner organisations, mentors and other students will review their proposals in a final peer-to-peer evaluation.

The Short School will also include thematic meetings with local entrepreneurs focused on four key areas related to urban innovation: Housing, rehabilitation and youth, Economic development, job creation and green energy, New economy and sustainability, and Creativity, makers and cooperatives. During these encounters, students will meet with key stakeholders such as economic development agencies, social enterprises and creative organisations in order to share experiences, needs and opportunities. 

The meeting will also be a moment to celebrate and share final insights, proposals and conclusions regarding the first edition of the Urban Innovators Training Program, a multidisciplinary curriculum designed jointly by universities, cultural practitioners and policy-makers for the rising professional profile of urban innovators.


You can find the full programme of the event here.


More photos can be found here.

Photo credit: Mikeldi Donibane Sanjuan


For each of our International schools we have created a simple press kit that we have shared among the partners and students to help them share the event with their networks and colleagues. Download one for the Bilbao school HERE.

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EUREKA International Short School Amsterdam

Urban Innovators Training Programme started with International Short Summer School on 11-14 October in Amsterdam. The School brought together 60+ students from across Europe who are meeting for the first time in the capital of the Netherlands to explore the local urban context and city policies; get to know each other better, exchange ideas around their local Urban Living Labs and create synergies and connections between the cities.


Tuesday, 11 October 

14.00-16.00 CEST

  • Welcoming words
  • Getting to know each other looking at what we want to accomplish in this short school: curiosity game (MissQ)
  • Setting the agenda together
  • Mindset of the short-school
  • Sign up for the bike tours 

16.30-18.30 CEST

  • What are we dreaming for a city to be in 20 years or so? Who will take ownership? – talk by Stan Majoor Presentation (Lecturer and director Center of Expertise Urban Governance and Social Innovation at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam)
  • European civic initiatives as actors of urban innovation – talk by Francesco Campagnari (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, Centre d’étude des mouvements sociaux, École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS)
  • Panel discussion and Q&A with Stan Majoor and Francesco Campagnari

Wednesday, 12 October

10.00-13.00 CEST

  • Bike tours through Amsterdam:

Circular & Community-Driven Transformations in Amsterdam North. Track 1 will take participants to Amsterdam North, a hotspot for post-industrial and polluted sites which are currently being transformed into sustainable and circular communities. The area is unique for its “bottom-up” approach, characterized by citizen- and community-driven projects.  Highlights include “Schoonschip”, which aims to be European’s most sustainable floating district, and NDSM-werf, once Amsterdam’s largest shipbuilding yard, now a creative and cultural hotspot. 

Waterfront Transformations in the Eastern Harbor District. The Eastern Harbor District, of “Eastern Docklands” represents one of Europe’s most successful waterfront redevelopment projects.  The series of artificial peninsulas which once functioned as the city’s main port have been transformed into a highly successful residential district for approximately 8,000 new households.  This track includes stops at Funenpark, Amsterdam’s most iconic car-free residential area, and the Marineterrein (Amsterdam’s Navy Terrain) which is partially being transformed into an innovation district.

Transformations of Zuidas, Amsterdam’s Financial District. Track 3 will take participants to Zuidas, (literally “South Axis” in Dutch) – Amsterdam’s rapidly developing business district. Zuidas is the site of one of Netherlands’ largest and most complex infrastructure projects: the “Zuidasdok” which involves the partial tunneling of the city’s ring road, and the redevelopment of the Amsterdam-Zuid Station and its surroundings.  Other highlights include “Circl” – Amsterdam’s first circular pavilion, and the city’s first smart bike parking garage.


  • Mentoring path presentation and buddy system by Melting Pro
  • Workshops to help participants find perfect buddy matches

Thursday, 13 October 2022


Visit to Amsterdam Urban Living Lab: stakeholders analysis and a brainstorm session


  • Presentation of Urban Living labs in all cities
  • Stakeholders analysis
  • Finding synergies & local challenges 


Dinner and party 

Friday, 14 October 2022

  • Working together: communication platform, rules and guidelines
  • Evaluation of the School
  • Next steps 

More photos here

Photo credit: Bert Wisse

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